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Table of Content

Chapter 1
Read Me
Where is the Control Panel?
How to use this book

Chapter 2
Start Menu, Screen and Resolution
To rename a desktop icon or almost anything
To put a shortcut on the desktop
Chapter 3
Common tasks
How to Join a Domain
Put VIP tools on the desktop
To add a new user to a single computer
Chapter 4
Groups, Domains
How to change a user's group or account type
File System Overview
How to find files
Rename a group of files in XP
Chapter 5
Protect your files and folders
Chapter 6
Getting older programs to run on WinXP
XP runs DOS software too
Chapter 7
System Info
What hardware or software is installed?
See the hardware and drivers
Chapter 8
Computer Management
System Properties
To update your system using Win Update
Chapter 9
How to make local area connections
How to set up your home LANHandy TCP/IP
Diagnostic tools
To bridge connections
To configure or create a connection
To share a drive or folder on the network
Open a shared folder on workgroup computer
How to share your printer
Chapter 10
Internet & ISP´s
How to make an Internet connection
How to configure a modem for a dial-up connection
Internet Connection Sharing
To add a network service to your computer
Chapter 11
Remote Assistance (RA)
Chapter 12
Remote Desktop (RD)
A) Prepare the Remote System
B) Prepare the Client Computer
Chapter 13
Customizing Windows XP
The Desktop
To change the Theme of objects on screen
Turn off the dog in Search
To display a picture in a user account
To use a picture as a desktop background
Design & Make your own Icons
Chapter 14
Mouse, Keyboard Monitor
To reverse your mouse buttons
To install additional monitors
To add a new font
Chapter 15
Sound & Events
To change the system sound volume
To set up a microphone
To show the Language bar
Chapter 16
Included XP programs
Windows Explorer
To change folder options settings
To send a file in e-mail
To Open Internet Explorer (IE)
Sharing bookmarks and favorites
To make the current Web page available offline
Save images from a Web page
Chapter 17
Movie Maker
To record from a video camera or VCR
To create title slides using Paint
Poor man's Hollywood
To save a movie to a file
To open My Videos and watch a movie
To send a movie by e-mail
To send a movie to a Web server
Chapter 18
Administrative Tools
To View an Event Log using Event Viewer
CheckDisk replaces ScanDisk from Win 9X
Chapter 19
The Device Manager
Chapter 20
Disk Management
Chapter 21
Windows XP Installation
We all want a "Clean Install"
Upgrading from W98/ME & NT
Get to System BIOS (DEL) / F1
FAT, FAT 32 or NTFS that's the question
Recommended Partitioning
Watch out for trouble
System requirements for XP
Install directly from XP CD-ROM
Story of a real easy installation
Appendix A
VIP Tools and Tips &Tricks
Where is that connector?
No DOS FDISK included in XP
File Systems: Advantages and Drawbacks
Multi-boot Systems are Cool
Basic disks and dynamic disks
Important Windows Shortcuts