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Elcomp Publishing, Inc, is one of the first Publishers in the US who produced books about Personal Computers and Personal Computer software.

We are proud to be among the American pioneers, who right at the beginning of the computer revolution, recognized the importance and future impact of computing power in the hands of every individual.

NEW: The BITFIRE Windows XP Pocket Reference

Comprehensive and concise description of the most important and revolutionary features of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Tips,Tricks and Traps hard to find elsewhere. Fresh ideas to get the most out of Windows XP. Step by step easy to follow explanations of the most productive and useful functions. From the Desktop to Networking and from multi-boot to NTFS & FAT. For a detailed description click here..

ISBN 0-911827-35-8, 112 pages, 3,5" x 6,8"
Only $ 5.00
Bitfire References fit into your shirt pocket. For more info please click below....

UNIX V Pocket Reference, order #80, $ 5.00: This handy Pocket Reference will be your constant companion It fits in your shirt pocket and it is always available to you, when you need it. Size ( 3.5 x 6.5 inches) - just perfect. Here You will find everything you need to know about UNIX. Comprehensive list of UNIX / LINUX commands with their options. For all UNIX versions including all PC-versions called LINUX. Very useful sample code included. An appendix with example data gives the user the chance to see how the commands work on data by comparing the listed files with the result of the sample input. Every UNIX and or LINUX user must have this reference on hand. Mac X OS users please take note.

MS DOS Pocket Reference, order #69, $ 5.00 Since Windows XP MS DOS has become an important issue again. The XP command line is more DOS compatible than any other Windows mode from the previous Win versions. Many essential utilities found in Windows XP need the DOS command line to execute. The Bitfire MS-DOS Pocket Reference gives you everything you need to know. It covers all versions from 3.3 up to the latest version 6.2 . Concise explanations of all DOS commands illustrated with an easy to follow example. All CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT commands explained. DOS is well and alive and every Windows PC user must have this reference on hand.
Besides these popular Pocket Reference Books Elcomp Publishing, Inc. is proud to offer you a huge selection of outstanding Clip Art for desk top publishing and web design. Do not click away from this site unless you saw the samples. Thank You.
Elcomp Publishing,Inc.
8780 19th Street # 199
Alta Loma, CA 91701
 Voice: (909) 949-0262
or (909) 989-6146
FAX: (775)  254-2631
or (909) 949-0262
Established in 1979

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